My vision for Campbelltown

Parks, reserves and green space

With the rapid in-fill and shrinking block sizes, it is imperative that Council protect and grow parks, reserves and green spaces. It is vital that families don't have to travel to parks, but can easily walk to a reserve with play equipment, and somewhere for kids to kick a ball or dogs to run. The loss of trees in the area is noticeable and action needs to be taken. 

Active travel and safe routes to school

Woman on bike with child in rear bike seat. Both wearing helmets.

Children actually want to ride or walk to school, and residents are frustrated by traffic congestion. The solution must come from considering how we can better use our roads to facilitate active travel options and safe routes to school. 

Play and recreation options for all ages

ARC Campbelltown

River Ward and the broader community has a fantastic centre in the ARC. However, other facilities have become forgotten including the skate park and options for older children and teenagers who need spaces to play and connect. I would also like to see different types of play spaces in Campbelltown including more outdoor options for toddlers.

Paradise Interchange - more than car parking

Paradise Interchange

There is more to the conversation about Paradise Interchange than car parking. Why are there not better cycle and walking options to the Interchange? Can we build the environment for people, and not just cars? I would like to see the Interchange as more than just a place to park cars and commute to the City or TTP. It should be a vibrant hub that attracts people to come to our area and safe enough for locals cycle and walk to.

Environmentally sustainable decisions

Wetlands at Lochiel Park Village

I would like to explore whether Campbelltown City Council could be doing more to protect and preserve our natural resources. Can our take away venues provide biodegradable food containers? Is it time we become straw free? What can be done to encourage businesses and residents to minimise landfill? What role can Campbelltown Council play in reducing its carbon footprint?

I support Jill Whittaker for Mayor

Jill has proven her support of the Campbelltown community in her role as Newton Ward Councillor over many years. She has advocated for parks, community spaces and been an ambassador for all ages including supporting the child-friendly cities initiative. Jill works hard to engage and listen with members of the community both online via social media and in the community at events and meetings she actively participates in. I've always been impressed that Jill speaks up for the community and what she believes in without being swayed by other interests. With Jill as Mayor of Campbelltown I feel confident that the area will be a thriving and welcoming community to live, work and raise a family.